Artists interpret one word in many ways while teaming up with Transgender group for a special night of humanity and art philosophy at Soft Water Studios.

“TranzLucid” is an annual art show born of a small group of artists who desire to challenge their abilities and expand beliefs by creating fresh artworks inspired by a random word drawn from a hat.  This year, the artists of Soft Water Studios and MGA Sculpture Studios will interpret and express: TRANZLUCID - tranz-loo-sid. 

 This word refers to the ethereal quality of light diffusing as it passes through thick air, water or an opaque solid. It is also being used to wax on sleeping states, illusions, delusions, the meaning of meaning and the way our society handles gender identifiers.

 This year, we’re excited to have Metro Tampa Bay joining us at the opening on Aug. 8. Metro is an organization that provides the LGBT community with a safe space to explore their emotions, get free counseling, attend panel discussions, get medical help as well as hormone replacement therapy. Metro Tampa Bay will be at Soft Water Studios that night with some an info table and their own creative contributions to the art show TranzLucid.

Refreshments will be served, Cash Bar.   

Group show

Sat. Aug. 8 2015
Soft Water  Studios
515 22nd Street So.

5-9pm. Free.