Resident Studio Artists

Gallery Hours:

By appointment until further notice


Gallery Hours:

Mondays 10:30 - 3pm

Robert Sutherland is a Fine Artist based out of Clearwater, Florida, whose expertise includes casein (a milk-based paint), oils, pastels, oil pastels, watercolor, pencil, and pen & ink. Robert’s artistic journey has developed a new technique he calls ‘Spinning’ (turning a painting around to see as many as four different compositions), which has resulted in a phenomenon described as THE QUAD … four separate paintings on one canvas.

Jim always wanted to be an artist, ever since he was a little kid. Jim and his wife Janie Haskins moved to Saint Petersburg, Florida a couple of years ago. After years of telling stories through movies, he now have the freedom to tell them with paint. 

Luby received her M.A. in art history from California State University, Los Angeles. While teaching art history, she continued to study painting at the American Animation Institute. The evolution of her professional work encompasses figurative, abstract, ballpoint drawings and paintings.
​Mark received his M.F.A. in sculpture from Washington University in St. Louis, MO in 1993.  When he's not creating impressive large-scale sculpture at MGA next door, the master sculptor is creating amazing work for our gallery.

Hailing from many generations of artists, Carrie Jadus is an accomplished painter. Inspired heavily by Impressionist painting, Jadus seeks to tell a unique story to each viewer through her work.

515 22nd St S - Unit F,

​St. Petersburg, FL 33712

515 22nd St. S - Unit F,

​St. Petersburg, FL​ 33712