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Taken from what has become everyday reality. I use both balance and counter balance to invoke passion and beauty while working out questions of light and dimensional perspective. The end result is a fuse between real, surreal and abstract purism. I never set out to work in series but my work evolves over time to represent the inspiration that a moment can give. We all are living in the moment and paint captures each second through expression and thought.

Sometimes a thought, even though simple, creates a theme in my paintings. Mitigating evolution and circular migration are examples of this. Those paintings started as an idea about how a caveman might paint if exposed to modern tools. At first I was going to paint in the manner of cave paintings but then decided to paint a figure that would encompass all animals: a fish, a mammal, an amphibian, a lizard. I wanted it to be all things and not identifiable, this led to the repeating pattern that leads the eye with composition and color

my goal is to leave the viewer with a thought, a question, be it good or bad. If something is evoked, I feel accomplishment knowing the viewer was touched. You can see this in my more surreal paintings where the subject can be about all things or nothing, meaning it could be an exercise in placement that sometimes leads to an explanation inside myself. I tend to think the viewer will come to his or her own conclusion about the subject. Every painting is a symphony of moments in my time. Where it lead me is endless, but the one hope I have is that the viewer will walk away with the moments of my passion embedded in their minds

-Timothy Innamorato

515 22nd Street South, Saint Petersburg, Florida, 33712